Hammer Fastener H30 / H60

The Systems H30 and H60 are the strongest Hammer systems. Belt ends with H30 / H60 are connectable to belt-ends with U30 or S30S or E30.

The main applications are: Coal Mining, Gravel Pits and Quarries, Cement Plants, Steel Works and Gerneral Industry

Its outstanding features are:


Belt Fasteners and Connecting Pins

H30 and H60 fasteners with pre-set staples

There are 6 Fastener sizes available for various belt strength and different belt thickness ranges.

The narrow plate design allows the splice to conform to deep througing. The plate and staple design and configuration have been optimised trough rigorous testing. The splice provides a strong connection and a very good service life.

Available in standard length of 900, 1.000, 1.050, 1.200, 1.350, 1.400 and 1.600 mm.

Other length might be available on request.



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