Hammer Fastener MR30

The MATO Hammer System MR30 is used in Conveyor Belts, if a hammer installation and simple usage of the equipment is preferred. In comparison to other wide Plate Fasteners, the MR30-System has a long life time and can be installed within a short time. The main applications are: Coal Mining, General Industry.


Belt Fasteners and Connecting Pins

Plate material:

  •  Galvanized Carbon Steel

Staple material:

  •  Special Steel


  • Available in standard length of 900, 1.000, 1.050, 1.200, 1.350 und 1.400 mm. (Other length might be available on request)
  • The wide plate design eliminates belt waves when compressing in the belt.

Connecting Pins:

  • Stainless Chromium-Nickel Cable with special steel wrapping
  • Galvanised cable

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