MATO Belt Lacing Systems

gurt-instandhaltungOnly the best connections

Our business devision MATO Belt Lacing guarantees the accurate and safe mechanical connection for many applications. The MATO fasteners are used in high tensile conveyor belts for e.g. at coal, ore, sand and gravel, cement, steel and snowcats, as well in light tensile belts e.g. agriculture, filter, laundry and airports as a permanent connection for conveyor belts.


MATO Lubrication Equipment


It runs like a well-oiled machine.

In every machine and plant there are moving parts. Lubricants are employed to minimise friction and wear and to protect against contamination and corrosion. These could be greases, pastes or oils of widely varying consistencies, chemical and physical properties and viscosities. Lubricants can only deploy their individual functions if they get into the lubrication system cleanly, safely and in the required quantity.